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Capacity Building

Every country has its unique challenges and opportunities for growth. Capacity building – including management & professional education and skills training – is an essential component in facing the challenges and making the most of opportunities.

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Effective education at international standards is increasingly important in today's globalised world. Education must effectively prepare young men and women for their careers and professional life in an environment in which they must interact and compete with the best from around the world.

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India Focus

India's growth since the 1990s is without parallel. Combined with the demographic advantage of a youthful population, comprising 50% of the total of 1.3 billion, the advances in education and technology demonstrate India's important potential contribution to the world.

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Dr Geoffrey Clements

I have been fortunate to travel and meet people from all over the world, from all walks of life and backgrounds. I have stayed long enough in many of the countries I have visited to make new friends, become immersed in the local culture, participate in local projects, and be welcomed by friends into their homes. I have been witness to some remarkable transitions in the world, and to have met some of the great people who have orchestrated these changes.

The experience of the rich tapestry of life in the mosaic of cultures and geographies in the world is something to be treasured. Fulfilment comes from drawing on this experience to contribute to progress and happiness.

In this website I have brought together the varied experiences and avenues of activity that are the parts of my life's journey, and to invite you to share some of these experiences.